Founded in the depths of a Carinthian cellar in 2011, the power trio Wildhunt soon arose from the oubliettes and was prepared for the hunt.

With their energetic unique Speed/Thrash Heavy Metal they rushed all over Austria and conquered dozens of stages and are now heading for more live shows abroad.
After their well received debut-EP from 2012 they’re now producing their first full-length album.

After two years of intense stage hitting many ups and downs marked their way but couldn’t stop them from carrying on the vision that was stuck in their heads from the very beginning.

With the strong wish to point the way against trends and the ambitious thirst for action they strike off to fire up and kick some ass!

“They’re sneering on those who won’t obey in these days – The time has come to rip the smile off their face!”

Cheers – Prost!